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Sunday, March 04, 2007 

Trade and Economic Integration in the Caribbean: A Distinctive Approach to Address Welfare and Economic Efficiency
For a variety of reasons, the coordination of economic policies either at global or regional levels does make sense. And in the current waves that evolve around the objectives of trade liberalization, the process of economic integration comes with many different degrees in terms of institutional arrangements to move the formation of preferential trade agreements.

However, with matters of geographical locations, fiscal coordination, and the settings of common external trade policy among others, some conditions and inquiries about the relevance of two distinct approaches, namely, the multi-lateral and regional ones heighten the debates vis-à-vis the outcomes, and objectives of global free-trade.
And in the midst of these debates, the positions of various school of thoughts re the role of incentives, and protectionism bring-in a distinctive flavor if we take some introspective looks into the historical perspectives liaised with the merits of regionalism versus multi-lateralism, and differentials in terms of arrangements behind the phenomena of trade diversion and trade creation to impact upon and define a country’s capacity to raise its welfare and economic efficiency.
In the core of these debates, the Caribbean can’t be left un-attended as some pending issues in terms of regional and economic integration for Latin-America and the Caribbean (LAC) are prominent to strengthen the agenda liaised with development effectiveness.
And as viewed by some experts some divides are gradually being patched to steer the wheels of change and the integration/harmonization of structured economic relations for the zone. More >>>

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