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Thursday, February 22, 2007 

The Inter-American Commission of Women (CIM), and The Development Outlooks vis-à-vis Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women in the Americas
Among one the huge challenges facing the world today, the questions of gender equality and empowerment of women stand firms in regards to their ramifications to various development aspects, and just to name a few, I can cite such elements as democratic governance, human rights and poverty reduction (More insights here).
As we have observed over the last decades of policy and advocacy action, the single integration of the concept of the rule of law into this nexus, has of course been a lever to support gradual transitions, however, it is also an approach that calls for the combination of more comprehensive measures to overcome discrimination, and to a certain degree enlarge the scope of protection and legal basis toward the rights of women in many contexts.

By pushing for more legal arrangements in support of gender equality around the world, is a viable approach to strengthen and guarantee equality between women and men, and bring to the fore-fronts the constitutional basis needed to overhaul some constraints vis-à-vis women’s human rights, and the decision-making process that evolve around the drafting of new legislations and principles.

These elements constitute part of a comprehensive approach to assess progress, and at the time gauge the nature of improvements in development objectives, if we consider the facts that the phenomenon and determinants of poverty for women display a dire picture when it comes to access of rights to education, employment opportunities, or provisions of basic health-care and reproductive rights.

And it is a commendable step forward voiced by Minister Jacqui Quinn-Leandro, President of the Inter-American Commission of Women (CIM), by calling for increased efforts for the development process in the Americas to take stocks of these issues as sustainable practices to mainstream gender, throughout the gamut of policy-making and institutional arrangements. More >>>


The CIM objectives must be fulfilled not only because they are mandates but also because they are an indispensable component of the development process of our countries”, said the Antigua and Barbuda official, who was elected in November to a two-year term at the helm of the Inter-American Commission of Women.



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