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Thursday, August 17, 2006 

A Tale of Human Security in Haiti (Part II)

I posted not so long ago a short article about the impacts of foreign aid on people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) in Haiti, which in fact embodies a piece in the puzzle in the landscape of development cooperation and the forms of economic, social and political sways that come to play with the internal affairs of countries experiencing dire exposures to insecurity. And by looking into these specific issues it frames a debate worth discussing re new thinking in security, and how processes in aid mechanisms evolve with pressing precedence to address human development.
In the case of Haiti these matters are of growing importance as development policy and the effectiveness of program implementation bring about a praxis that has to deal with increasing gaps fomented through patterns of international exclusion, extending poverty/inequalities and social conflicts. These elements decode the core of a global approach which tends to favor the construction of a peace-building agenda that clearly positions the concept of nation-building as a tool to guide and promote integration of free-market mechanisms to smoothen the ideas of political and economic stability.

As an interesting point of discussion, the concept of human security can be attracting if we look into the dynamics behind post-conflict situations, and the role of development mechanisms when multi-dimensional variables are essential to be reckoned with.
Moreover, to approach the notion of human security is also a way to examine or weigh policy options in relation to the current changes that have been taking place in development thinking, and the arrangements that come with, or mold the deployment of peace-building frameworks in conflict ridden, or post-conflicts environments.
These are elements that not only draw attention about the impacts of such scenarios on development effectiveness, but also on the inter-connected factors behind hunger, chronic poverty, well being and community empowerment.



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