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Wednesday, August 16, 2006 

Et Voila…..

How to sustain growth and channel re-distributive policies? The recent rounds of discussions between the president of the IDB, and Leonel Fernandez, president of the D.R. have clearly depicted the directions of future policy options for the country. And adding an interesting flavor to those discussions have been the linkages between macro-economic stabilization procedures and growth-mediated processes.

“IDB President Luis Alberto Moreno also stated that in order to ensure inclusive growth, it is necessary to deepen the macro-economic measures already taken by the dominican government, and to adopt other measures that are pending. Among these pending measures, the most important are consolidating the tax reforms of the last two years, improving the targeting of the poor in the government’s social expenditures, strengthening the Central Bank’s capacity to control inflation, and taking measures to increase the economy’s international competitiveness.”

For planners and policy-makers, these scenarios will be testing grounds to harness the deployment and utilization of the improved economic landscape toward the expansion of social services, and budgeting operations to cover social expenditures. Thus, come to the front-burners the questions liaised with the effective increase of real-income per capita, and improvements in human development indicators, inter alia, to strengthen the process of development along with enhancements in the quality of life.



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