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Tuesday, November 21, 2006 

Constructing a Viable Approach to Deter Violence Against Children
‘Violence against Children’ is a topic, or I should rather say a phenomenon that has been taking, unprecedented forms, and disturbing themes.
In all consequences, these issues bring to the fore-front the needs to strengthen investigative analyzes, and protective regulations to curb these ills.

An in the recent UN gathering in Panama about these perspectives, calls for strong inquiries re the social and economic conditions that nurture such dynamics, were rolled-out as quintessential components to carry-out transformational change at societal levels.

All countries can and must put an end to violence against children,” said Professor Pinheiro. “We are talking about transforming the whole mindset of societies and the underlying social and economic conditions of violence. Children are sick of being considered ‘the future’. They are living today and they want to live without violence.

As a high-level meeting between experts, international organizations and government leaders in Latin-America and the Caribbean (LAC), this summit fomented some clear brain-storming about the crucial dots to lay-down a comprehensive agenda in matters of prevention, legislation and capacity development for Rights-Based Approaches in social development tailored to the region (LAC).

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