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Saturday, September 23, 2006 

Sex Workers’ Rights and the Debate over Regulation or Submission….
I just bumped into this article re the CSME and free movement of people, in which the author points to matters of human trafficking and the increased development of a commercial sex industry in the region.

A key feature of heavily touristed areas and highly mobile populations is the increased presence of commercial sex industry,” notes Dr Peggy McEnvoy in Caribbean Crossroads. McEnvoy adds that given the illegal nature of both their work and residence, CSWs are invisible to social, health and protective services tax.

These issues are no isolated cases, and despite increased attention imparted on trafficking in women and children, we find ourselves pinned in a paradigmatic landscape where wording and working definitions of ‘trafficking’ are still put to the test.
And it has become clear that progress in regards to advocacy initiatives and research strategies are tied up in a framework where concerns over migration, and the simple elimination of prostitution have taken control over the protection of human rights.

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