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Wednesday, September 06, 2006 

Next on the Agenda

The World Bank has been the focus of numerous calls for reforms as some critics have clearly emphasized its approach toward development, and the role/lack of transparency in its operations and policy-making decisions, see here, here and here where that last publication is amazingly addressed through the American Enterprise Institute.

At a time when global economics, growth have espoused straight lines through liberalizing outward looking strategies, many concerns have been raised in regards to the needs of low and middle income countries, and the type of cooperation envisioned to address poverty reduction in the face of pressing neo-liberal financial mechanisms.
It goes without saying that in order to fully scrutinize these issues, the relevance of any analysis has also to take into consideration, and dissect the various leadership processes that have been displayed at the World Bank, as these leadership styles have affected in more than one way the World Bank’s stance vis-à-vis development, accountability and governance.

In a new publication by the CGD (Center for Global Development) some of these issues are being examined, where the principal theme of analysis: “Rescuing the World Bank”, introduces a collection of essays that capture the depth of these two questions:

  • Are the Bank’s shortcomings exaggerated or potentially fatal?
  • If potentially fatal, can this critical institution be rescued?

And as a must read: The Hardest Job in the World: Five Crucial Tasks for the New President of the World Bank

“For any inquiries about online orders for the complete, I mean the full and complete version! This is who you folks out there gonna have to reach out to: Lindsay Morgan, LMorgan@CGDev.org

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